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Local Nazarene Missions Council

President – Connie Callis
Vice President – Janet Goins
Secretary – Deborah Williams
Treasurer – Amy Allred
Education – Kari Manuel
LINKS – Sara Parlier
World Broadcast – Calvin Parlier
Books – Francine Wilkes

PRC Medical

We are glad to support Douglasville’s Pregnancy Resource Center, a pro-life medical facility. In 2016, PRC Medical ‘saved’ 944 babies, and 120 young men and women gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. This year at Douglasville First, our Baby Bottle Fundraiser brought in over $800 for this special ministry.


Alabaster Offering is a special bi-annual collection using personal “alabaster boxes” to collect loose change, dollars, or even a written check that is placed in a larger receptacle on a given Sunday at the church.

The Offering is used for the construction of churches, schools, hospitals, clinics, and other buildings as needed on the world mission field.  This year First Missions raised $980.00 in the two offerings!

School Pal Packs

The Church of the Nazarene operates numerous primary schools around the world, providing quality education for children. Many of these children would not have the supplies needed for school without our assistance. School Pal Packs provide the basic necessities for these students, and our goal is to provide 40 of these packs which will provide for 80 children. Please contact a council member for further information.