When Life Isn’t Fair

President John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying, “Life isn’t fair. It never has been and it never will be.” We all know that to be true, yet injustices against us have a way of derailing our otherwise accepting and contented attitudes. How might our outlook change if we not only accepted that life is not fair, but also embraced the truth that God is always faithful? Pastor Callis will consider this question throughout the July sermon series, “When Life Isn’t Fair.” Join us each Sunday morning in July for this practical teaching from God’s Word.


Teachings in Titus: Plumbline for Holy Living

Titus, a Greek Gentile, was a direct convert of Paul. Having accompanied Paul to various assignments including Corinth, Titus was entrusted with organizing the believers on the Island of Crete into churches. The New Testament book of Titus consists of Paul’s instruction and encouragement to this young pastor, with an emphasis on teaching sound doctrine. The call to holy living is for every believer, and this brief letter offers a kind of “plumb line” for holy living. Join us Sundays @ 6 as Dr. Callis leads us through this important teaching.


Jailhouse Tunes

The persecution of Jesus’ followers is not something unique to our era. Join us Wednesdays @ 7 as we study the plight and solutions recorded in Scripture when Christian faith landed God’s people in prison